Online Classes

Introduction of Courses

Online Classes Description

Online classes are intensive independent studies. The classes are overseen by an instructor who can be contacted via phone or email. The instructor will provide the student a syllabus for the online class and the student can work at their own pace to complete the online study by the prescribed deadline. All work can be turned in by way of email or mailed to the online instructor. Doctoral classes are also available online.


Course Descriptions: 1st Year

Bible Survey Class

• What The Bible Is All About

A survey of the entire Bible; A basic understanding of Genesis to Revelation and a survey of each book of the Bible. 

• Growing Towards Spiritual Maturity

Whether a new or a seasoned believer, this course present spiritual growth principles, which motivates Christians to serve and mature in the Lord.

Course Descriptions: 2nd Year

General Bible I

• 1st Semester – Old Testament: Part I/II

• 2nd Semester – New Testament : Matthew – Revelation 

A sweeping overview of God’s working from creation through the early days of His chose people.

• Understanding People

A class that brings unity and chronological sequence to the New Testament study be weaving the contents of the books around a central theme, the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Course Descriptions: 3rd Year

General Bible II

• 1st Semester – Biblical Beliefs

Basic, yet inspiring study of the Doctrines of Salvation, Inspiration of the Scriptures, the church, angels and the last things.

• 1st Semester – Triune God

Bible teachings about God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit written in non-technical language.

• 2nd Semester – Christian Ethics

Bible instructions: Presents the authorship of the Bible, how it was preserved, why we believe it and how we can answer its crisis.

• 2nd Semester – Your Ministry of Evangelism

Evangelism is the mandate for church growth today.  Evangelism give balance to ministry of Christian workers and makes teaching and leadership effective.

Course Descriptions: 4th and 5th Year

Advanced Biblical Studies – Part I/II

The History of the Church and Its Beginnings Until the Present Times:  

Pentecost to Future Church


Post Graduate Class the Book of Revelation and the Book of Daniel

• The Book of Revelation

An in-depth study of the entire Book of Revelation.  The revealing of a person, the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah of Israel, the Lord and the head of the Church, the judge of all the world.  God’s complete and divine purpose for Israel, the world, and the church.

**Advanced Biblical Studies I &II begins the program towards your Bachelor degree.


Christian Literature

Essays and Writings 

Commentary of Acts

*Study Hall – Mondays 5PM - 9PM

A time to get it all together.  Here it is, study time!


Teachers Workshops & Teachers Training Classes

A workshop, in order to teach the teachers and Christians the way of life as opposed to a dead, dry system of theology; to prepare and train others to be followers of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to be an effective witness for Him.  Bringing students to understand God’s gracious and glorious purpose for their lives, as well as those they teach



Dr. Griffin – TH.B,  M.R.E,  D.D.,  ETA

All are welcome to this workshop, students, and non-students, teachers and those called to the ministry of teaching.