Dr. Elizabeth English Biography

Dr. Elizabeth English, affectionately called Dean, is a woman of God who has been sent forth by the Holy Spirit to teach the people of God how to be an effective leader during this time when conditions in life are ostensibly uncertain.  The teaching call on Dean’s life led her to establish her own bible college, which she founded in 1989 as Cumberland Bible Institute.  In 2007, under the direction on the Holy Spirit, she changed the college’s name to Last Day Remnant International Bible Institute (LDRIBI).  Dr. English has established four campuses since 1989 and she is compelled to endure with strength until the end.  She is a multifaceted executive, teacher, and scholar who has but one desire – to do the will of God.  Dr. English is not one to be reckoned with concerning the things of God.  She continues to teach, birth, and nurture teachers and ministers who are equipped to do “even greater works” and fulfill the Great Commission.